NYC - Outdoor Parties

NYC has a lot of outdoor parties in parks and public places. These are a great place to see the bigger house music culture beyond just the clubs and dancing. Families coming to picnic, eat, and listen and dance to house music on a beautiful summer days.

Coney Island

Every summer there are folks dancing on the north end of the boardwalk at Coney Island. The Coney Island Dancers (CID) are the most famous group organizing events down there, where you can usually find house and hustle dancers getting down. Usually house music, ending out the night with classic disco. Here is the information for Coney Island Daners:

Central Park Skaters

Every Spring-Fall, the roller skaters go spin, dance, and hustle, to house and disco music in Central Park, in the Skater’s Circle northeast of Sheep’s Meadow just south of the 72nd street entrances. If you check the facebook page, you can find other skate dance events and roller rinks too.

Soul Summit in Fort Greene Park

Big outdoor house music culture party, with picnic and dance party in Fort Greene Park. Sometimes years it’s every Sunday, some years it’s only a few Sundays, depends on how negotiations with the local community government goes. (If you’re curious on the story behind that, check out this article You can check the schedule or ask around to see when it’s happening.

Clubhouse Jamboree in Prospect Park

Usually the second Sunday of September, it's a free yearly house music party in Prospect Park, with free food too. Organized by

Sundae Sermon in Harlem's Morningside Park

Not sure what their schedule is...feels like they do it a few times during the summer.

Lincoln Park Music Festival in New Jersey

Usually sometime in July, it's a few-days-long festival of music out in New Jersey.

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