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30+ parties tend to represent that older culture of house dance, where a 30 year old might be the youngest dancer at the party. There are no cyphers, just people dancing to music they love, expressing themselves however they feel like. It's a lot more free styled than anything you'd see in your normal cypher/battle/class/session. These folks follow around certain DJs/crowds, and have been doing so for many many years. Some of these parties are the only parties you can find funk and disco, and the folks attending are the ones who grew up when that music was popular. And as house culture stems from both black culture and gay culture, some parties are majority black, some are majority gay, and some are just all-around mixed.

The younger generation of dancers visiting NYC from overseas doesn't usually go to these parties, since it's difficult to relate to the people at the parties. The crowd there won't usually be impressed by fancy technique, and probably won't stop their own dancing to watch you dance. But if you want to explore something different, with people that love music, or love to express and feel in their own unique way, or you've been looking to express in your own way too, then definitely check these parties out.


Music: A continuous mix of house music (often remixing all types of genres)

DJ: Timmy Regisford, Adam Rios, and guest DJs

Dates: Usually every week, Sunday evenings, 4-10pm. $10 before 5pm, $20 after.

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Music: Continuous mix of house music

DJ: Tyrone "Mixologist" Francis

Dates: Every month, usually all night until late morning

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Paradise Garage Reunion

Music: Music from the Paradise Garage era (1978-1988) and related music

DJs: David Depino and Joey Llanos

Dates: Once a year, depending on when they can get a venue. Historically, the schedule is strange:

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This party has a wide range of ages, from the very young to the very old, and is probably the one party here that younger dancers visiting NYC will go to. But many of the older dancers at this party help it keep an older vibe, which in turn is the reason (along with the music) that some younger folks are drawn to it.

Music: Afro/soulful house

DJ: Ian Friday and guest DJs

Dates: Twice a month on Friday nights

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Music: house and disco classics

DJs: Ruben Toro

*Dates: Monthly party

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Prince n King

Music: Music from the Loft on Prince Street, and the Paradise Garage on King Street. So effectively 70s-80s dance music.

DJs: DJ Coney and DJ Hiram Cruz

Dates: Maybe every 2-3 months they have a party, but it is not regular.

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Body and Soul

Music: 70s to house music today

DJs: Joe Claussell, Danny Krivit, Francois K

Dates: Maybe 3 times per year in NYC (though they play overseas too).

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Music: usually house music, unless themed otherwise (such as disco classics night)

DJs: Rotating DJs

Dates: Ad hoc parties, usually every month except in the winter

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Rhythm Revue

People really dress up (suits and dresses) for this party. One of the only parties listed where a lot of funk is played, and a lot of folks attending grew up in the era when funk music was popular.

Music: classic funk/disco music

DJs: Felix Hernandez

Dates: Every few months

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Jellybean Parties

Music: house music

DJs: John "Jellybean" Benitez

Dates: Ain't Nothin But A House Party (ANBAHP) and Feel the Spirit are both monthly parties, so Jellybean parties can be found every two weeks

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718 Sessions

Mostly white-and-gay party.

Music: house and classic disco music

DJs: Danny Krivit (same DJ as Body and Soul) and guest DJ

Dates: Every month on Sunday evenings

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