About NYC

Many things in NYC happen at the last minute, and you find out a few days before the event happens. It is good to have a schedule of everything you can do, but things may change when you get there and you meet people and discover new things.

To make a schedule, it will help you to know why you are coming to NYC. Tourist trip, or dance trip? Looking for good music and DJs, or do you want to find the "dance" scene? Are you looking for commercial dance, or underground dance? If you are interested in house, are you looking for the dance, or the culture? Do you want more clubs, sessions, classes, or some balance between them? There are no wrong answers, just what's right for you! There's a lot of events in NYC, so you will have to choose what not to do. :)

There are some other pages that may be useful (Mai Le, and MAWU), but they often grow out-of-date with time, and often miss some info. This wiki page is an attempt to be something everyone can update.

Other information

There may be sessions, clubs, and parties that don't show up above or on http://www.dancedeets.com.

House-only Clubs:

Other Dance Clubs:

Dance Practices:

Dance Events/Crews:

All-Around Dance Groups:

Places to stay

There's a Dancers Housing Network facebook group where folks can offer rooms or ask for rooms to stay in, which may be another good place to ask around.

If you know Archie or Bravo, or you know someone who does (ask your friends in the NYC underground dance scene), you can ask them about the "dancer's hostel". It's very much word-of-mouth though, and you should probably have someone who knows Archie or Bravo be able to recommend you for you stay there.

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